Creating Your Inspiration Flow

Written by Corinea L. Austin

People will tell you maintaining inspiration is about reading quotes, going to the gym, or perfecting a routine. That is a great formula for creating good habits. However, creating a flow of inspiration is much more complicated. Getting sleep and going to the gym are important for your wellness and should be maintained, but creating constant inspiration has more to do with mental health and the elements of your happiness. Creating a constant flow of inspiration only takes a series of simple steps. Below are the steps and tips on how to create and maintain your inspiration.

Step 1: Take a Pause.

Sabbaticals are a form of taking a long break from work. Sabbaticals are the first step to creating a flow of inspiration. You do not have to take a break for 3 months, but give yourself at least a weekend to recharge. It can be hard to let your projects go or stop work and this may sound counterproductive, but it is not. As black women, sometimes we feel like we also must be “on”. Always working and reaching goals to get to the next step. However, taking breaks and pauses in your projects is just as important as creating. If you look back on your most brilliant ideas, many of them probably came from doing nothing or having fun. Give yourself the space to relax. You deserve it.

Step 2: Remove all “non inspirational” elements

This is an amazingly simple step that may be hard to accomplish. Removing “non-inspirational” elements may look like deleting social media, moving out, cleaning your workspace, or organizing. After relaxing it is important to come back and reanalyze your space and creative life. You need to remove the elements of your space and creative life that do not serve you.

Step 3: Create an Inspirational environment

Now that you have removed the negative elements. Create positive elements or things that make you happy. Fill your space and creative life with these elements. Replace the social media app, with a podcasting app and listen to your favorite shows. Put your favorite mug on your desk or your favorite family picture. You must make sure your environment is full of things that make you happy, which is the key to creating an inspirational environment. You should have a space that is was created by you, for you.

Step 4: Work on what you love.

You are now relaxed, and you have your own creative space. Next, you can start taking on projects. However, you need to make sure you work on projects that you are passionate about. This may mean turning down projects that do not serve you. You are not a creative for the money. Allow yourself to only work on projects you care about. There is nothing wrong with taking projects on just for money, but you need to understand those projects may break your flow. Money is important, but your inspiration is more important. Say no. If you follow your passion, the money will come. One of the main enemies of inspiration is burning out. Saying no and only taking on projects that serve you is how you defeat being burnt out.

Now that you have created the flow of inspiration. Here are 2 tips you can start directly after that help maintain this amazing flow you created.

  • Do one thing that makes you happy a day. It can be small or big but doing one thing that makes you happy a day will work wonders. This may be eating breakfast outside, working out, reading a chapter out of your favorite book, or reconnecting with your best friend. All it takes is one thing. Maintain inspiration is ensuring a flow of happiness as well.

  • Get a hobby. To ensure you are constantly relaxed and taking breaks, you need to get a hobby that has nothing to do with your projects. Many women pick hobbies that still have something to do with their careers. Hobbies are meant to be an activity that gets your mind off work. When picking out your hobby make sure it allows the opportunity to escape.

Inspiration can be created and maintained, with this step-by-step formula and tips. Creating this flow can be started today. It all starts with a break and from there the world can be yours. Always make sure you live what you love.


Corinea is an Atlanta based fashion business owner and voice. She is a graduate of SCAD with a background in fashion, costume design and business management. With insight spanning into the textile industry,  she can be found on all social media under @cocorinea

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